Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TPACK Questions redone

The content I chose to focus on comes from the State Standards for 3rd grade Science. It came from Standard 1, Objective 1, Indicators A-C. These indicators focused on the physical appearance of the Earth and the Moon, the physical properties that make them up and where their source of light comes from.
The main sources of pedagogy I used were observation, data collection and data analyzing. Students were to look at photos of the Earth, Moon and Sun and find the connections to the asked questions. By looking at these photos students were able to find the shape of the Earth and the Moon to be spherical, a property of the Earth to be water as it is blue and that the source of light for the Earth and Moon comes from the Sun. Pictures that they were able to look at helped them to explore the Earth, Sun and Moon in a way that puts them outside of our atmosphere. After observing and collecting the data, the students were able to come to the above conclusions.
The technology that we used for this science study was Celestia. This was a fantastic way for students to be able to explore the universe outside of the earth. They were able to move around on the program as if they were in space. This enabled them to look at the Earth, Moon and Sun at different angles to see the different physical properties of each, and the effect that they had on one another. I feel that this program greatly enhanced the content and pedagogy trying to be taught and practiced. The students were able to do all of the exploring and coming to a conclusion on their own.

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  1. Louisa - much better. This has a good amount of detail - thanks!