Monday, February 23, 2009

TPACK Questions

The Content the class will focus on comes from 4th grade Social Studies, Standard 1; Objective 1; Indicator B. This states that students will understand the relationship between the physical geography in Utah and human life by examining the forces at work in creating the physical geography of Utah (e.g. erosion, seismic activity, climate change).

The Pedagogy that I will use for my classroom will be to have a group discussion where we list on the board the types of natural forces that we found shaped the geography of Utah. I will then have the students write in their journals about the different landforms they found and how they think they might change if the force continues to work on them.

The Technology that will be used for this lesson is Google Earth. At each site of the land formation I will allow students to click on that place and have a picture and some information on that site pop up. Included in the information will be what forces of nature have acted on it.
I think that it is a great way for students to actually see the site of the land formation that I want them to look at. By knowing what force formed it and what the formation looks like today students will more easily be able to fulfill the journal writing assignment.

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