Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TPACK Question wk5

The content that I chose to focus on for this week once again came from the Utah core standards. The first standard was number 1 Objective 2 which states, students should develop language through viewing media and presenting. This will be achieved once the digital storyboard is complete. I then used standard 8 Objective 6 which states, students should write in different forms and genres. We achieved this through the use of poetry to present our story.

The pedagogy that was used in our project all had to do with language arts. Our main emphasis was on poetry and I think that this could lead to a fun project for our students. It would be a good final project for a poetry unit that the students will be able to really show all of their creativity. I would have my students write their own poems and then create a storyboard to really show what they're poem is meant to represent. They could really become creative and have the storyboard be something that you wouldn't have thought the poem was about at first but a deeper interpretation of it.

We haven't used too much technology yet other than the basics. We were able to use the internet to find a good poem and pictures to go along with it. We will be using a program to record our narration and our song when we are ready to complete our project. Finally the use of a digital storyboard is technology and that will also be done in the next week.

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