Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Technology Enhanced Lesson

The content that would be taught would be Standard 3, Objective 1, Indicator C which talks about students investigating how forces applied through simple machines affect the direction and/or amount of resulting force. By the end of this lesson students will be able to identify all six (or seven if you don't include the gear with the wheel) of the simple machines.

The pedagogy used would be class discussion so that I can observe how much the students are understanding and they can ask questions for anything that they are unsure of. While all the students will have their own computers I don't expect them to work quietly. I will encourage small group discussion to answer the multiple choice questions asked on the website, as long as they stay on task.

The technology used would be the rotating set of classroom lap-tops. There is a website that has four different rooms. Within these rooms there are everday objects that students can click on to find what simple machine makes this work. Multiple chioce questions are asked to guide the student in choosing what they think is the simple machine used. An example is a toaster and the handle on the toaster that is a lever. We would explore one room as a class and then the students would be free to roam throughout the rest of the website. They will have strict rules to not deviate from the page. Students would be able to have fun and work interactively, exploring how they feel necessary for their learning.

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  1. this sounds like a great idea - will you share your website with me?