Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Technology in the Classroom

Since being in the practicum, I have noticed that Deerfield Elementary in the Alpine School District greatly values technology. Last year one of the 5th grade teachers received a grant for all of the fifth grade classes to get a classroom set of laptops, smart boards for all of the students, as well as other increased technology. At this time there is more technology in the fifth grade than other grades but the school has plans for the future and for the other grades.
I am in a third grade class and there is quite a bit of technology available to them. They have listening and recording centers, a projector, a video camera and digital camera for them to share with the school, and a few other things. The school also has a Mac Lab that has about 40-45 computers in just that room that is available to all the classes. Overall I think that this school understands the importance of technology and is trying their best to make it available to their students.

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