Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Internet Safety Reading

For my fourth article I chose to read "Leave It Alone" by Elder H. Burke Peterson Emeritus Member of the Seventy. I really enjoyed reading this article and one of the most important things that I learned from the reading is that "I plead with you to leave it alone. Stay away from any movie, video, publication, or music—regardless of its rating—where illicit behavior and expressions are part of the action. Have the courage to turn it off in your living room. Throw the tapes and the publications in the garbage can, for that is where we keep garbage." The reason that I felt this was so important is mainly because of the part where it talked about throwing it out regardless of it's rating. I think oftentimes we justify reading, watching, or listening to things because it's not R or X rated when in fact it is still filth.
This assignment was really good for me as I hope to one day be a mother. This is something that I realize I need to think about now rather than wait until I am confronted with a situation. I plan on sitting down with my children and setting standards for the type of media they view and how long they view media in general. I do want to point out to them that not all media is good and that it can be used to their advantage but they need to careful of deceptions within media.
I hope to use this newly remembered knowledge to my benefit and the benefit of those around me. I do not wish to be pushy or greater than thou but I do think that I can set an example to my peers and family simply by choosing not to participate in that type of media myself. I think that it is an excellent way to bring the spirit closer to you and also probably free up some time as well.

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