Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Final Internet Safety PLE

For the final internet safety project I chose to talk to my oldest sister. She is thirty years old and has two daughters which are four and two. I decided I was going to talk to her about cyber bullying. The reason that I chose this topic is because I had never really heard of it that much until last semester and this semester and I think that it is something that kids could easily get caught up in. It's a horrifying idea to me that children do this to one another but then I thought that it is also something that can be totally prevented. I shared some of the videos that were suggested in class with her as well as some that I found on my own. I talked with her about how my nieces may be young now but she needs to talk to them about this to either completely avoid it or if asked to do it or if someone is doing it to them that they need to come to her. I can't stand the thought of any kids getting hurt like this and I hate to think of the internet as being another medium for kids to be mean. I think the talk went really well and my sister realized that it's never too early to talk about internet safety with your children and cyber bullying is a part of that internet safety. She also agreed that it is important that we teach children at an early age our guidelines for using the internet so they know their boundaries now. Talking with my sister helped me to think more on how I'm going to talk with my own kids when I someday have them, and how important it is to be informed of what is going on out there so that we can serve our children well.

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